Eric Smorovsky

Age: 28 | State: | County: Mchenry | Case Status: No Investigation

My son was poisoned.  Eric Ryan Smorovsky, age 28 died on 1/20/2018.  I died that day too.  He was duped into thinking his “one time high” was something else, but turned out to be a fentynol analog (almost 100% fentenol and a small amount of heroin) and is commonly supplied  over our borders from China and Mexico allowed by our government.  He was very loved and provided encouragement to other..  always fought for the righteousness for others.  Jovial and loving, my son Eric.  I miss him so much.   Why are we allowing all of our children to be potentionally exposed to this?  Please close the borders, and post office blindness.  Theres hell to pay in the end for complicity.  I hope no other children are lost to this horrible plan to annihilate the young people of our country.  Kill the church, you kill the family, kill the family, you have depression and kids who will take some fantastical drug to escape their depression or lack of familial support and then die from it.  Let’s get Jesus back in schools too.  We know who has allowed this to happen.  Dont be complicit in it.  We need our youth.

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