Emilio Ray Medina

Age: 20 | State: | County: Will County | Case Status: Conviction

Emilio was home and his “friends” decided to introduce him to Heroine. They drove to Chicago, picked it up, and brought it to my mom’s home. They sat at the the kitchen table did a line and Emilio began to have a seizure. They moved him from the kitchen to the couch. Propped his head on pillows as he began foam at the mouth. They covered him with a blanket and left him to die for my mother to find. When she woke up Emilio was deceased. His body was cold and stiff. Her baby never had a chance. A one and done and he paid the ultimate price. Kristina Keating was convicted of Drug Induced Homicide per Il State Law and was sentenced to 6 years. The Other two involved were never charged or convicted because police would not bring them in for questioning and Kristina refused to share any information.

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