Eddie Perkovic

Age: 35 | State: | County: Allegheny | Case Status: No Investigation

My son Eddie, my best friend, my only child, was murdered on 08/28/21 by fentynal poisoning. He had been in vivitrol for six years. The last few months of his life I started to find evidence of drug use around the house. I thought opiates wouldn’t work on vivitrol but I have found out since then that they learn how to use enough to go over the vivitrol threshold. He tried everything, rehab, meetings, suboxone and finally vivitrol. I thought he had beat it. I didn’t know that the very first time they do an opiate, their brain is forever changed. He was a good kid, a musical genius. He could write the most beautiful songs and he had the voice of an angel. He also had mental issues. Ptsd, anxiety, depression, bipolar. I had him involuntarily put into the psyche hospital here in Pittsburgh. They would keep him for three or four days, the most as ten days. The last time it took me all day to get him in only to have them call me and tell me that he didn’t need a hospital, he needed jail. This hospital had all of his medical records. I guess they just didn’t read them. He was home by 1am. After everything happened I called the police everyday. One day I called and the detective who answered the phone was so ignorant I was devastated. I reported this to the Sgt. They had Eddie’s phone and the Sgt told me that if there were just phone calls there was nothing they could do. They needed some evidence like texts. They gave me the phone back a week later and said the whole phone had been downloaded. I was going through the phone one day and I don’t know how but I came to texts. I couldn’t read them but I’m sure the police could get them. There were 351 texts on 8/26/21 and 8/27/21. They were made to only two phone numbers. There were no calls on 8/28/21 he died at 705am that morning. I was and still am crushed. I never heard from the police again. I wish I could get my mind together enough to write a letter to the Chief of the Pittsburgh Police. I’m lucky to put together a few words to make a sentance. That is my sons story