Duane Raff

Age: 40 | State: | County: Cumberland | Case Status: No Investigation

I lost my son February 25, 2023 from pure fentanyl poisoning, however the medical examiner ruled his case as accidental so the police will not investigate because of her ruling. I reached out to the prosecutor but they say it is up to the local police department to do something. My son was not a every day addict in fact I don’t even know what he was trying to purchase. He worked a 40 hour week job and provided for me his wife and two young girls who are still devastated over his loss. I would like to see closure and justice for my son. The police still haven’t unlocked his phone yet so they can see who he talked to prior to his death. It’s been nearly 8 months since his death and I still have no answers. I was the one who found him unresponsive and rigid on a Saturday morning at my apartment. He was ice cold and blue on his ears. We both went to bed around midnight and he was poisoned by 8:30 the next morning. I tried CPR and mouth to mouth with no avail. I just want my son back. You see I lived with him for the past seven years and every morning for those seven years we had coffee every single morning never missed one morning and I miss that so much.