Donovan Schlitt

Age: 30 | State: | County: Suffolk | Case Status: Closed

Donovan was a free spirit.  He was funny, loving and very giving. He was poisoned by those he thought were friends.  As they watched him die they dragged his body outside where he laid for 12 hours as I lost my mind searching for him.
Under the Good Samaritan  Law, had someone called for help as done previously  they would not be prosecuted.
A call was made after I threatened to go to police and they were warned.  They all left the house before police arrived. NYS has a law that punishes those dealing within 1000 ft. of a school.
She wasn’t arrested until 14 months later. The Feds stepped in and offered her a deal to turn on her blood boyfriend. She took the deal and walked away. Record is sealed. No proper investigation. No justice. Many laws broken by her and the Feds say they have different laws. I was told I would get justice! They had me give a witness impact statement! How is it the the bad guys get away with this and the family gets a life of hell?

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