Donevan Hester

Age: 16 | State: | County: Snohomish | Case Status: Open

On November 14, 2023, I went to go wake up my 16 year old son, Donevan, for school. When I got to his door it was locked but that was not unusual. So I knocked on the door. He’s always been quick to open it. But this time he’s not. I started knocking harder and yelling for him to open the door. I thought he was still sleeping. He was known to be able to sleep through a lot of noise. But still there was nothing. I go around my house looking for something to pick the lock. As I open the door, I walk into the worst possible situation for any mother. There is my son. Lying on his bed. Not moving. Without giving all the details he didn’t look normal. I was in shock and didn’t know what was happening. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. I go to him and start yelling for him to wake up. I’m shaking him. But still no movement. I touched his face and he was cold as ice. I run to grab my phone and call 911.

When the police came within minutes they told me he was dead. I instantly fell to the floor, screaming, crying, and in disbelief. After they did their initial investigation the police advised me they found pills next to him that tested positive for fentanyl. They said most likely this is what killed him but testing will need to be done first to determine that. I couldn’t believe this happened. I talked to my son many times about drugs. Especially fentanyl. He knew how dangerous this was and that it was killing so many people. Hearing that he had this with him was heartbreaking. I had no clue he used drugs. I wish he would have talked to me. I wish he would have let me help him.

A few weeks later it was confirmed that he did die from fentanyl poisoning.

The case is still being investigated but all I know is he retrieved the pills from a close friend. No name has been provided.  The police stated they will be looking into charges for drug induced homicide.

Ever since this traumatic day, everyday has been hell. Life without Donevan has been extremely hard. I wish he would have told me he needed help. I struggle with God for not giving him a second chance at life. He was only 16 and had so much life ahead of him. I share Donevan’s story in hopes that it will help others see that you are not invincible. Every person thinks that nothing bad will happen to them. Until it does. With fentanyl you don’t get to learn from this. All it takes is one pill. For Donevan it was one pill. Donevan doesn’t get a chance to learn from his mistake. This one mistake cost his life.

Now, as a mother without one of her babies, I will miss him for the rest of my life. We will forever have a major missing piece of our family. Nothing will ever be complete again.