Dillon Votaw

Age: 28 | State: | County: Sacramento | Case Status: Closed

My handsome son was a strong and brave young man. At the age of 12 he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. We had many visits to the hospital, but he always pulled through. My son managed to get involved with the wrong crowd. He finally went to rehab and was sober for over three years. He relapsed and was poisoned with fentanyl. He survived and after a battle he got sober again. On July 3, 2021 he was poisoned again and passed away. His body just couldn’t take anymore. Dillon had been sober for 5 days. He had traces of fentanyl in his sMy life will never be the same and my heart is forever broken.

I feel very strongly that our Legislature and all State Officials Nationwide need to charge the individuals selling fentanyl with murder.

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