Devon Michael Guider

Age: -30 | State: | County: San Diego | Case Status: Unknown

My wonderful son Devon was a hard working single parent that loved his 7 year old son Dexter. He worked hard and was preparing to take over his grandfathers contracting business. He had wonderful values and provided everything Dexter needed as a good father should. On the evening that he was poisoned his son Dexter was with his mother and it was a good opportunity for him to take a break from the stress of work and the responsibilities of being a single parent as he was awarded custody and didn’t get to go out much. He was getting ready to meet his friends at a club and have a adult evening. Unfortunately he never made it. When he was about to leave apparently he decided to do a pick me up line of Cocaine. He was found the next morning slumped at his coffee table. Killed by a line of Cocaine laced with Fentanyl! He was dressed in his best clothing and ready to go. He died instantly. He had just madeĀ  a bad choice, he certainly didn’t deserve to die. His son is now without a father and nothing is being done about it. I’ve left messages for the detective to please let me know where he is at in the investigation, but I haven’t gotten any response. Our family is broken hearted and Dexter is the one that is suffering the most. Devon was murdered and nothing is being done to bring his killer to justice. If my son was shot there would be a major investigation and his killer would most likely be brought to justice. Why is it that the scum that gave the poison to my son is able to walk about without consequence? That line of Cocaine was as deadly as any gun used in any other homicide! The murders need to stop. The police need to take this seriously and treat this as they would any other homicide,