Devin Rodriguez

Age: 30 | State: | County: Los Angeles | Case Status: Closed

A detective once asked me if I knew how my son died and I said yes drug induced homicide!

 My son was not a junkie though if he was I would love him just the same. Devin once told me I don’t know what happened in school if someone asked want to get high I didn’t say no. Instead I just never talked to them again. And now I’m an addict! Well this is what happened Devin a star athlete (trophies in every sport). Injured his tailbone in a hockey tournament and was prescribed pain medicine. No wrongdoings there. Then later was in a street bike accident prescribed pain medicine.  Also normal as well as much needed. Then this is where everything changes now a doctor in Reseda gives Devin a prescription for oxycontin. And continues to do so every month for several months. Until he was of course addicted and found it harder and harder to afford.  Now he turns to cheaper street drug heroin. Of course getting sober and then relapses etc…
In Nov I believe the 12th 2019 he went to jail. But this time when he called he told me how this was the best thing . He told me going to jail actually was a God sent because he was on a path of self destruction. Fast forward to January 5th 2020, his release date I drove down and picked Devin up. Filled him in on family and all. We both said 2020 is going to be a great year ! He told me in the morning he would take the bus to probation. Which he did actually several times in a 3 day period. Devin was in compliance. And then the 5th night was the last day of his life. When the paramedics came at no time did they think he OD. Nor the police or coroner. We thought blood clot killed him instantly.  Until I received the toxicology report. Funny thing though my son had no heroin in his system. Which was the drug he used not methamphetamine. And certainly not fentanyl. Acute fentanyl and methamphetamine intoxicity: poisoning.