Devin Norring

Age: 19 | State: | County: Dakota | Case Status: Closed

On April 4th, 2020, Devin lost his life at the age of 19 to fentanyl poisoning. He was an amazing son, and brother. Devin and a “friend” went on Snapchat and purchased what was advertised as a Percocet from a former classmate. The pill that was delivered unbeknownst to us was a counterfeit pill containing 100% pure illicit fentanyl. The friend that Devin was with knew that Devin needed medical attention, but instead of calling to one of us for help,  or calling 911, he lied to Devin’s younger brother saying Devin was sleeping, and then he left our home without saying a word. We have watched for over 2 1/2 years since Devin’s passing the multiple “alleged” dealers in our community continue to operate on Snapchat peddling their poisonous fake pills. When they are arrested and charged with drug crimes, the judicial system continuously gives them a slap on the wrist and returns them back into our community where they reoffend again and again. It was through Snapchat we learned our son’s final moments as the “friend” he was with opened up about the night Devin died. It was through Snapchat we learned of the drug ring the alleged suspects operated here in our small community with several other young adults.

We had no idea what fentanyl was until it killed our son. It has become our mission to educate and raise awareness in our community and with other families across the country in hopes that another family never has to experience the loss of a child or loved one. Our family is forever left in limbo between a life that we wish we could get back and the one we suffer without Devin. Devin’s infectious laughter and witty sense of humor is missed so much. Devin had dreams of pursuing his music career and education prior to his life being stolen from him. He will never get to experience the joy we all experience with the arrival of his first niece, Khloe. It breaks our hearts that he will not be here for these remaining chapters of our lives.

Our family did not receive justice for Devin and his case was closed.

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