Desiree Monique Chavarria

Age: 19 | State: | County: Los Angeles | Case Status: Closed

5am on 3/31/2023 I entered my daughters room to get something for the cat. It was dark, I walked over to her said her name as I got closer I saw she was in a wierd  position. I put my arms around her and I knew she was cold and hard. I knew my daughter was gone but I did cpr and chest compression anyhow. My daughter met a guy on Facebook she went to meet him and that’s were all her troubles started to snowball Within months my daughter was deceased. I miss my daughter and will for the rest of my life. The memory of her bieng wheeled out of her room in a stretcher and body bag will forever be engraved in my memory. Rest in heaven Desiree. Mommy loves you .

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