Derby Sykes

Age: 33 | State: | County: Bladen | Case Status: Open

Derby is my middle child. He was always the loving one, the hilarious one, the one who would do absolutely anything for anyone, and more importantly… A DAD. He loved to fish and when he wasn’t working, you’d find him fishing somewhere if he could find a ride. He was a recovering addict (several months clean), started going to church with his papa, and you’d find him working up on top a roof when weather permitted. He has 2 sons that he loved and adored. He developed an abscess in his cheek area and after having it lanced, it came back. Late at night (01/20/2021) he asked a friend for a pain pill to help get him through the night until he could go back to the Dr the next morning. The next day never came for him. My 14 year old grandson found him (my daughter’s son). His death has been so hard on our family. He lived with his sister so (in his words), “She could keep him out of trouble”. They always shared a special bond. I haven’t seen my grandson smile since that day and my daughter now suffers from PTSD. I have fought a hard battle with depression and my oldest son is a shell of himself. Fentanyl has completely destroyed my family.

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