David Franklin

Age: 29 | State: | County: St. Louis | Case Status: Unknown

My name is Christy Johnson. I lost my son on 05/29/23. My son was murdered from fentanyl. I’m not to sure what the true story behind my son’s murder. The detective that was so called in charge of the case, has only talked to me a few times. he doesn’t answer my calls nor returns my call back. it has been almost a year. They still have my son’s belongings but there is no case.? I have statements that Davids ex-girlfriend and another guy was there at the time of death. statements that the girl made is not the same statement she gave the detective. I have two different statements Davids ex-girlfriend made. there is no statement from the other person that was there. The statement she made to the detective that hits me the most is the guy that was there dragged my son’s body outside the house and put him on the porch then they called 911. I have her admitting that they could not call 911 immediately. I sent what she has wrote the morning of Davids murder to the so called detective, and the last time he would talk to me he said that is what she told him, but the statement is not matching. They just stated it as an accident overdose. No he was murderd, I know he was and I do believe on purpose. My son was trying to come home, and this girl wouldn’t let him go.He goes to a so called friends house to get away from her because he broke up with her, and she shows up there to charge her phone, she said, and now my son is gone! They murdered my son and put him on the porch like a bag of trash. I want justice for the murder of my child. David Franklins Mom Forever 29.