Darren Bostic

Age: 28 | State: | County: Richmond | Case Status: No Investigation

Our son Darren shared a home with his girlfriend and kids, the night Darren was poisoned he was at his sisters house. Darren saw a guy he knew and asked if he could give him a ride home, he said Darren told him he had a funny feeling and needed to get home. The guy told us he agreed to give him a ride and that on their way they smoked a blunt then he let Darren out at the end of their dirt drive, I thought when he was telling my guy this it sounded off cause Darren really didn’t smoke weed, not often, and said that was the last he saw him. Darren’s girl friend kept saying Darren never uses the back door she didn’t know why he was in the back, they use front entrance. Days passed and we couldn’t understand what had happened to him, the police officer said that his girlfriend said he had history with drugs so they said it was obvious that he Overdosed, but we still insisted on a autopsy. Not sure what had happened, we kept waiting on the report so we would know, Darren had in the past went to rehab because he developed a habit with Xanax, thing he had encountered as a child instead of talking about he self medicated, but that was really the drug of his choice, after rehab he did good for a while, but then we got a call his girlfriend said she thought he was using again, this was a few weeks before he was poisoned, 2 Weeks prior to his death I had talked with his girlfriend and we discussed rehab, he agreed to go, sad to say he didn’t make it, he was poisoned before everything was taken care of.

We waited months for the report, once we received it and was reading it Darren had no marijuana in his system at all, I told my husband he lied, we continued going over the report and it was Fentanyl and oxycodone, after we found out what Fentanyl was I created FB and started posting what happened to my son, the police even then considered his death a Overdose, but it wasn’t, a friend of his , claimed to share the friendship with the guy Darren caught the ride with. This friend said that on the way to taking Darren home there is a carwash people go to in Hamlet and get high, they stopped there to sniff a Percocet, never said which one had the pill, but they only had the one straw so Darren sniffed first, he started reacting to the pill so the guy never sniffed the other half, but Instead of getting Darren help, he took him home and left him laying in his back yard, he told this guy he thought he would sleep it off, Darren didn’t sleep it off, neither did he get to see his girls, his 3 year old daughter and his girlfriend found him the next morning. After hearing this I contacted the Mayor in Richmond County NC telling him exactly what was said, he claimed he would get back in touch with me. They never have, Darren never got a investigation, nothing I fight every day because my son never overdosed.

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