Daniel McMahon

Age: 34 | State: | County: El Pasco | Case Status: Unknown

My son needed knee surgery and was prescribed oxy for his pain.  He was to go to the doctor the following week and wanted to talk to the doctor about other options for the pain.  Well, he was really suffering so he reached out to a known drug dealer asking if he had oxy and if it was blue with 30 on it and the response was yes.  He then asked if it was legit and was told yes.  The dealer came to the house and delivered the pills which I watched on the ring video he had inside the house.  My son did not take the pills that Thursday night being he really wanted to be off of them.  I watched him a grown man cry in pain Friday and Saturday night walking in circles in his house  but then on Sunday Morning I watched my son come up his steps into his bedroom.  The TV went on and he was talking to a girl here in Illinois.  After that I heard a rather large breath which was his last.  The dog went running from the bedroom to the window…back and forth crying.  There was nobody home until around 6 when his room mate came home from work.  His kids came home from there visitation at the ex wife’s apt. a little while later running to his room yelling Daddy, Daddy and his room mate went into the room to find him laying on his bed.  Call 911 but it was too late.  I was notified the next day and flew out to Colorado.  When I got his phone back I opened it up and read the text and the payment and brought it to police.  Last I heard it was a federal case but have never been contacted and I have been ghosted by the police department.  They promised me they had a good case and a warrant would be coming but heard nothing.  Called US Attorney, FBI and last call made was to a us Attorney.  She said she would talk to the detective that handled the case and knew him and because she was not aware of the case and get back to me in a couple of days.  I have not gotten that call.  So explain to me if you have a ring video that was deleted somehow, text and payment and witness that dealer was there to sell my son drugs why have they not moved forward with an arrest? Like I said to the chief of police and detective who said reasonable doubt now, (I doubt my son is not dead)  but nobody will give me a name to call and I have been making them all on my own.   I will not rest until I find out why!