Dan Mcmahon

Age: 34 | State: | County: El Pasco | Case Status: Unknown

My son Dan was in horrible pain and needed surgery to fix the problem. He needed to lose weight before they would operate. He was given a script for oxy for pain. He hated taking them due to the side effects. His script was out, and he planned on seeing a new doctor to see if there was something else he could take. On Thursday night, he reached out to a dealer asking if he had oxy. He asked if they were 30 n blue, like real legit, and the guy told him yes. All good, so the dealer brought them to my son’s home, which I was watching all on his Ring video. He fought not taking them until Sunday; I watched him hobble up the steps to his room. The TV went on, and around 5 minutes later, I heard a large gasp for breath. There was dead silence. The dog ran from the room to the picture window, back and forth he went. Around 6 pm, Dan’s roommate came home and thought it was odd there were no lights on. The kids came home from the visitation with their mom and ran up the steps. His roommate followed, finding my son dead on his bed. The kids were saying, ‘Daddy, wake up!’ The roommate told the kids to go downstairs, and he called 911. It was too late. I gave CPS his cell with texts of buying and payment plus access to watch the Ring video. The last I heard was it was a federal case, and then reasonable doubt. CPS no longer answers my calls. The FBI nor DEA calls me back. The assistant attorney told me she could not talk to me but would call me back with status… I promise. That was last Thanksgiving… still waiting! I live in Illinois, so it’s kind of hard to go to their offices. I’ve gotten nowhere because who really cares? I’m just a grieving mother with nowhere to turn.”