Dalton Zak

Age: 23 | State: | County: Northumberland | Case Status: Open

So this is my cousin Dalton Zaks story.. he was dealing with addictions for many years.. he has 2 kids that he cherished so much.. his smile would light up the room when he entered it.. he didn’t deserve to leave this earth at 23 because he had so much he was looking forward to.. he was about to get custody of his kids.. New Years eve he was with a couple of friends.. he was dropped off at his house around 7am from what I was told.. he was suppose to meet his dealer at Sunoco but his dealer changed locations.. no one knows why that happened.. anyway he was the type that didn’t like do shots to himself.. so someone always had to do it for him.. so the day he died someone was with him in our grams bathroom.. they snuck out the window so no one would see anyone leaving.. I also heard he was given a death shot due to someone calling him a snitch.. anyways there’s so much more.. his kids now suffer without a father and Daltons mom is taking care of his kids because the mom is still out there using.. there have been no arrest in his case – people of interest but no arrest.. the cops had his cell phone and got messages out of it but said not enough evidence to convict.. they interviewed his one friend because he knows where he got it from but that friend didn’t tell the cops anything.. it’s so sad, here we are going on three years since he has passed away and nothing from the cops – not even a phone call.. He was sober for a bit before he used again.. he was murdered by friends I believe.. his toxicity was fentanyl poisoning!! He deserves justice but will probably never get it.. RIP DALTON ZAK



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