Dalton Zak

Age: 23 | State: | County: Northumberland | Case Status: Unknown

On January 1, 2019, my grandmother discovered my brother in her bathroom, a victim of suspected poisoning. Within two hours, we received a phone call from my brother’s best friend, who informed us about the person who had allegedly provided the poison. The investigation proceeded very slowly, with apparent reluctance from the authorities, prompting me to persistently follow up. Eventually, my grandmother and I were invited for a briefing. Since the incident, it feels as though I’ve lost my mother as well; she has profoundly changed, which is understandable. During the briefing, the investigators acknowledged knowing the likely perpetrator but admitted they lacked sufficient evidence to prove it. They assured us of their commitment to justice, yet the prospect of obtaining answers seems dim. The alleged supplier has since passed away, leaving us with lingering questions about what truly happened. My brother was a father to two wonderful children, now aged 9 and 7, for whom my mother has full custody. He had great potential and much to offer the world, but tragically, he never fully realized that potential.