Cora Qualls

Age: 26 | State: | County: Isabella | Case Status: Open

This is my oldest daughter Cora, age 26. On November 7, 2022 she died from cocaine, fentanyl, acetyl fentanyl, and gabapentin poisoning. She was found in the home of her boyfriend’s parents. Cora was not a known drug user so the cause of her death came as a surprise to us and everyone that knew her. Cora was recently hired as a Culinary Supervisor and was so excited when she received her chef’s coats with her name embroidered on them. She loved history, writing short stories, reading, and researching whatever she could. She always had “fun facts” to share with us. Living in Michigan, her favorite thing to do was to make the trek to the Upper Peninsula to see Lake Superior but also loved the Traverse City and Petoskey areas. Cora leaves behind her younger siblings who were her best friends. We all feel the loss and I wonder if the pain will ever lessen. I miss her so much that I am not sure how we can move forward. Currently I feel as if our family is lacking support from the police that are investigating her death and recognize that soon her case will probably be closed and there will be no charges, nobody will be held accountable for her death.