Cooper Root

Age: 16 | State: | County: Harris | Case Status: Open

Our beautiful son was taken from us on September 15, 2023, two months after his 16th birthday. Cooper was full of life, empathy, passion and love for his friends. He had no desire to die. He wanted to medicate his emotional pain and feel better, but instead of what he thought he was buying, he was sold poison that led to his immediate death. My son had talked with us about the fentanyl epidemic and the dangers of taking anything from a person who is not a licensed pharmacist. But like so many, my Cooper thought he was invincible and had a trust that caused his death. Police say they believe they have a good case against the person who brought death literally to my door. This can never repair what was lost but if just one person can be saved a similar fate, then my son will not have died in vain.  We will miss him every day for the rest of our lives.