Cole Brown

Age: 18 | State: | County: Placer | Case Status: Open

Cole was an amazing person, hard worker, great friend, and he loved his family and we loved him. This world was robbed on September 2,2021, he was stolen at the young age of 18. He had so much life left to live and so much left to give to this world.

Cole was poisoned by one fake Percocet, it contained enough fentanyl in it to kill 3 grown adults. He had asked his dealer several times if what he was buying was real and not fake and he was assured by the dealer that what he was giving him was real. This was all via text message. Cole took what he thought was real and it took his life from him. He laid down and never woke up.

Coles case is still open and being investigated And his killer is still walking the streets.

I encourage anyone who has lost a child to never give up on finding who poisoned your child.

I had to per-sue Cole’s case from the beginning. I feel like a lot of his case was not handled correctly from the start, a lot of evidence lost and not collected, his phone was not looked into in a timely manner even though it was taken into evidence immediately, alot of video surveillance not collected in time, and his social media accounts sat unlooked at for months. All of these things I didn’t know needed to happen right away. On top of a lot of other things that weren’t perused.

A theme through out all of this is, “ if only we knew then, what we know now.” I feel like that about Cole passing from fentanyl. We didn’t know about fentanyl like I know about it now. If we had maybe he would still be here.
Same as when it came to Cole’s case and it being investigated . “If only I knew then what I know now. “ I could of insisted on things being done immediately. And it being perused  as a murder. But hind sights 20/20. If I could give any tip to anyone who’s just lost their loved one to a suspected fentanyl poisoning/murder it would be to contact a investigator immediately and have it perused as it should be as a murder. Stay on top of it, and keep contacting people until someone listens. Don’t let precious time go by. And don’t take no for a answer.
I still have hope one day my sons death dealer will be held accountable. Not only did he steal my son but my buddy!  I will fight for Justice for my son until the day I take my last breath.

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