Cody Anderson

Age: 33 | State: | County: Riverside | Case Status: Conviction

Our son Cody Anderson was poisoned by Fentanyl on 5/26/2022.  He was the funniest and the dare devil of the kids.  He had a big heart.  He always wanted a family.  He finally found the girl whom he loved so much and his time was cut short.  He lost his mother and sister when he was 5 by drunk driver and lost his own life by a drug dealer whom poisoned him.  He was a loving Son, Brother, Uncle to my granddaughter whom he loved him so much.  Cody even tattooed her little feet over his heart. Its hard to tell her he will never be coming home.  My Wife and I miss him everyday.  I know we are all grieving the loss of our children but I hope that we can come together and fight for these laws and put these drug dealers who are taking our children and poisoning them and put them away.  The drug dealer got 20 years in federal court on May 6, 2024 and 10 years probation and while on probation he will not have access to social media and his bank accounts will be monitored.  He also had to pay the full cost of the funeral which I am sure we will never see but at least the judge acknowledged that as well.  The dealer cried when handed down the sentence but like I told him he will be coming home someday and my son will never get to come home.  I pray for all of these heavenly children whom lost there life to this deadly poison.

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