Clayton Baker

Age: 26 | State: | County: Washington | Case Status: No Investigation

May 29th 2015 I came home to hear my husband say to me my son was gone. Gone? Gone where? He said I’m sorry . I knew what he was trying to tell me as I fell to my knees. Then all I wanted was to know how and where he was now. The details where vague and he was on his way to the crime lab. I knew what happened I knew he had been poisoned. He was on the road to recovery, he was trying to make his life better to be there for his first niece that would soon be born.  I was told he left to get something for his headache he went to the dealer and got a drug laced with fentanyl.  Nothing further was done, nothing was investigated, I felt like nobody cared about my son or cared to get the killer that gave him the lethal drug that took him from me and his family.  So I went into depression trying to get through my day to day as I still do. I talk to others mothers, fathers, siblings and family and friends that have lost as I have hoping it would help me or them. Not sure what it does but 7 yrs later I still try. Clay was my child. He was not perfect but neither am I or anyone else in this world.  He deserved to have a chance to be an uncle, a father and have a future.  I don’t know if the person who poisoned my son knows or cares that they killed Clay.  How many more lives have been lost because nothing was done.

Clay was a musician and loved with his soul. Had long curly hair and arms that wrapped all the way around you for the best hug. I would give anything to have another tight hug from my beautiful boy.