Christopher Kubik

Age: 31 | State: | County: Clark | Case Status: No Investigation

My son Christopher was 31 years old when he was poisoned with fentanyl, he became addicted to oxytocin getting his wisdom teeth out at age 20, I walked thru that fire of addiction with my son for 11 years full of judgement and stigma from the very doctors who got him addicted in the first place! My son is from Missouri, he was killed in a Las Vegas motel waiting for his fiancé to come the next week to get married and start his life of becoming a husband and a father, My son relapsed after being off suboxone for four months! He tried to get back on as soon as he withdrew on his own, his doctor he had for a year in papa told him to go relapse and have heroin in his system! That is what Chris did he was sick!! He was served morphine,  cocaine, and fentanyl! My son’s life matters! Clark county refused to investigate even though I had all the dealers info on Christopher’s phone! Telling me there is too many kids overdosing we don’t have the manpower!!

Thank you Marcy Coppock his mother