Christina Marie Gribbin

Age: 25 | State: | County: Delaware | Case Status: No Investigation

On the day she died I was just working remotely from home at the kitchen table when the two state police officers came to my house and told me she was found in Kensington Philadelphia dead. I could not believe it. I was in shock. I could not breathe. I called her dad, and I called her older brother, and I called my older sister Tracey. They were the only calls I could make. That was it. I kept asking them if they were sure and they said yes. Then they proceeded to tell me that she was found in a suitcase off the train platform in Kensington!! So, a criminal investigation began along with media coverage and everything. The two guys she was partying with and getting high with in Upper Darby the night before she was found were charged with 4 charges each including Abuse of Corpse for shoving her into a suitcase at their apartment in Upper Darby and bringing her on a bus and then the train at 69th street and then ultimately dropping her in Kensington to make it appear as if she was just another victim of Kensington. A couple found her about an hour later in the suitcase and called the police. An autopsy was done. I really wanted them to go after the drug dealer who sold the Fentanyl to them, but the Philly Assistant DA and Upper Darby Police and Philly Detectives said they do not have enough evidence to link the drug dealer directly to her. It must be a direct link and must be proven without a doubt for that charge to stick. I will never understand why these two guys did not just call 911 when they realized she had overdosed, and I am skeptical as to why they did not “happen” to overdose but she did. Why did they not render any aid either? They are two scumbags in my eyes and deserve more than the charges that they got. They are guilty and had something to hide otherwise why would they go to all that effort to shove her body into a suitcase? All of this has caused me great stress and has added to my grief and anxiety. I still attend weekly therapy and have trouble breathing now from my anxiety getting worse. I am on anxiety medication. I am trying to work through my grief and sadness but will never get over losing her.

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