Chloe Vivian

Age: 14 | State: | County: Los Angeles | Case Status: Pending

My sweetest Chloe Vivian, only 14 years old, wasn’t feeling well & an older β€œfriend” gave her a pill that Chloe assumed was on safe OTC pill from a pharmacy. I have lost her forever from one pill, one time. A simple, yet so permanent mistake.

She was my twin soul, my favorite person, my shadow, my Sweetiepie with the rabbit feet. She was so loved by everyone for her kind heart, good values, loyalty, & pure intentions. She loved our weekly Disneyland trips, Air Drop & popper pranks, creating art, music, adventures, good food, sniffing candles at the mall, and most of all: her Mom.

Chloe will be painfully missed, every minute, until we are together again. I love you forever with every beat of my heart, love your bff/Mom.

When the detective brought me her necklace that she never took off (shown in her photo), it read:
Please return to Heaven πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ