Chloe Harden

Age: 18 | State: | County: Santa Clara | Case Status: No Investigation

Chloe had an infectious smile, goofy laugh and gave the best hugs. Her time on earth was not long enough. Sadly, she was taken from us because a posion peddler sold her murder. She took what she thought was a percocet “blue” pill, which was actually a lethal dose of fentanyl. Her death was never investigated by police. I will not let Chloe be just another fentanyl death statistic. Through my sadness, I have felt empowered by meeting other parent’s and loved one’s that have lost someone the same way Chloe died. Together we will make noise and keep our children’s spirits alive. Together we will cry and hold each other up. Together we will fight to hold dealers accountable! Together we will fight to keep other people children safe.

-Marlene (Chloe’s Mom)