Chad Prox

Age: 34 | State: | County: Kankakee | Case Status: No Investigation

My son was POISONED with FENTANYL! His life was taken from us!

My son died alone naked in his bathroom!

He left behind his beautiful 7 year old daughter. The love of his life. He left behind his family that will forever be broken. All because of FENTANYL! Why is this POISON so readily available??

My son didn’t want to die! He wanted to live! I now carry Narcan with me. I don’t want another family going through all the pain and suffering that we are going through. There was no investigation done! I don’t understand! Do they think he knew what he did? Maybe. I’ll never know. Either way an investigation should have been done. Either way FENTANYL should not be so readily available! I miss my son!!!

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