Cassandra Walker Nolin

Age: 38 | State: | County: San Diego | Case Status: Open

Cassandra was beautiful inside and out, with the warmest hugs, biggest smile, and brightest eyes. Cassie lived with an internal pain since 14 after being raped. After much therapy and love she made it through and enjoyed the rest of her high school years at a new school as a cheerleader and setting a school record in pole vaulting. She loved camping with her dad and the outdoors is where she found peace. She loved shopping and scrapbooking with her mom. She married and had 4 beautiful children which are her pride and joy. After suffering through an abusive marriage she started drinking and alcohol took over a huge part of her life. She would run to escape her own thoughts and pain and would occasionally turn to drugs. Unfortunately she was too trusting and someone she knew gave her something laced with 2mg of fentanyl. Cassie was on life support for a few days and sadly they didn’t get to her in time before she suffered lack of oxygen to her brain. She was an organ donor and through her death she has saved lives. Her case is still open as we are trying to access her phone.
We miss her so much and not a day goes by we don’t cry for you. We will be her voice and fight to save others because that is what Cassie would want. She was always the first to lend a hand and help others in need. Cassie would light up any room she walked in. We love her to infinity and beyond, always and forever.

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