Cary Thompson

Age: 38 | State: | County: Horry | Case Status: Closed

Helpless, devastated, angry at the people who murdered my son Cary, angry at pharmaceutical companies, pushing pills, and let down by law-enforcement and legislature, not doing what’s necessary to stop the poisoning of so many. I can put these words out there, but they are only words. Nothing can really describe how I feel and how this is completely changed me and changed my grandson’s life.

It was January 3, 2019, a cold blistering day in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Cary texted  his aunt Lisa to meet for breakfast at  8 AM.  He also texted another friend, Chris to meet up after his scheduled job interview on the same day. The coroner says that Cary died at 8 AM on that day. Why would someone who had been clean from shooting up for 14 years, schedule  to meet for breakfast  and overdose just before leaving.

Carys day begin with a cry for help from one of his female friends. From what I would subsequently learn, this was not unusual.
The friend stated that she had gotten into a fight with her boyfriend who was a known cocaine dealer. She requested Cary’s help.
he ended up dying at her house from a fatal poisoning of  fentanyl, Xylazine, and other ingredients.  While he laid dead at that house, they called others, discussed how to move his body, and plotted their day. He laid dead at this friends house for seven hours before they called 911. There were 11 overdoses in Myrtle Beach that week. These terrible people wanted him dead and one was even seen leaving his home with bags of his belongings. They told stories to the officers, and made it look, as if Cary was shooting up and tried to make it appear that he was suicidal. With 11 poisoned in one week, he was just lost amongst the overwhelming deaths building up in that city every week. My phone never stopped. 24–7 people were messaging me telling me that my son was murdered. I tried everything that I could to get answers. I befriended everyone that I could to get answers. I made calls and visits to the police department only to be left feeling that my son’s death didn’t matter to them. I also made frequent request for the 911 call audio only to be told they erased it. I pray for Justice! I ask God to give me the opportunity to see justice but I have no trust that anyone at the police department cares enough to arrest and prosecute. My soul cannot find peace in this without justice. I carry a heavy guilt on my heart that I can’t make this happen. I give this to God every single day and ask, no beg for Him to get justice for my boy and answers for me. Please Join me in praying for this.
Cary’s mom,


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