Cameron March

Age: 23 | State: | County: Sacramento | Case Status: Open

August 11, 2021 my husband and I found Cameron dead in his bed shortly after 1pm.  My first thought was he had overdosed on something.  He had struggled with anxiety and depression since middle school and despite being on prescribed anti depressants, he still struggled and would occasionally self medicate, usually with alcohol, sometimes with pills.
We learned quickly that he had met someone around midnight and purchased 2 “Percocet” from them.  He drove home, had text and called his girlfriend and died shortly after.  He had taken 1 pill.  The second pill was still in his wallet.

Detectives used Cameron’s phone and identified the person who sold him the Percocet, about 2 weeks after Cameron’s death.  Toxicology report determined Cameron had no Percocet in his system, only his prescription medication and Fentanyl.

His case is still open and I have not heard anything since July of this year, despite several attempts to contact someone.

Losing Cameron has been devastating beyond words.  He was smart, funny and friendly.  He had a way of making people comfortable, like a friend he’d known for years, even if they had just met.  He was protective of his loved ones and he loved his siblings more than anything.

We only had him for 8448 days-he is missed every second of every day

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