Caleb Zimmerman

Age: 21 | State: | County: Lee | Case Status: No Investigation

Our beautiful boy struggled from the time he was 17 until he was 20. It was a roller coaster as he cycled from using Xanax to heroin with periods of only using marijuana and alcohol. When he decided he was ready to make a change, we were cautiously optimistic. He went to a 7-day detox and then a 30-day rehab and then wanted to move into a sober living facility 750 miles from home because he did wanted to make a new life. He attended intensive outpatient treatment and was doing well for a year. He had recently moved into an apartment, gotten a car and license again, and started a new job. When he wasn’t up for work one morning and I couldn’t get him on the phone, I thought he had overslept. He had reached out to an acquaintance to find something for his back pain. Toxicology showed that he had only fentanyl in his system. He was given this poison instead of the drug he believed he was getting. He was poisoned and died at only 21 years old.