Caitlyn Alexandra Grubbs

Age: 31 | State: | County: Madison | Case Status: Unknown

Caitlyn took what she thought to be Xanax, and passed away 5/30/20. An investigation began and her phone was sent off to FBI to obtain any information it contained. Approximately 3 mos later we received toxicology report stating the only thing found was fentanyl, and 6 mos after that her phone information came back. The information gathered was presented to the Madison County DA’s office and they declined the case, so it was forwarded to the local US Attorney’s office through email. This information sat in an overlooked email from March 2021 through Dec. 2022. The US Attorney at that time was going to retire a few weeks later, so the case was supposedly passed on to the incoming US Attorney. After no word on Caitlyn’s case, I called US Attorney’s office in May 2023 to inquire about it. I received a call back from them June 2023 telling me her case had been rejected at their level and was being referred back to the state level (Madison County, AL) where it was originally declined. I am still without answers as to where her case is now “floating around”. No one in the DA’s office will call me back with any info after I’ve spoken to several people who promised to “look into it” and get back to me. I am beyond exasperated, and feel as though I’m being brushed aside like my child’s life being taken doesn’t matter!

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