Cade DuBose

Age: 20 | State: | County: Orange | Case Status: No Investigation

Cade was lured to CA by a rehab broker. After he was 30 days sober he had to leave the rehab, per insurance. The broker said he could get him into another rehab the next day if he tested positive. The broker paid for Cades hotel, food and money to buy drugs. The drug was fentanyl. He was found in a hotel dead. We have all the conversations with the broker on text message and the receipts for the transactions with the broker. Still no investigation, no arrest and no care. I was told he was a addict so there would be no investigation. Cade was the second of my three children and oldest son. He loved fiercely his family and friends. He loved adventure and the outdoors. He had planned to become a welder and to live on our family ranch with a family of his own.

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