Bryce Prange

Age: 28 | State: | County: Jefferson | Case Status: No Investigation

Bryce was a travel welder, he loved his job and was good at it. He made many friends during his 8 years on the road. He trusted people that didn’t deserve trusting.
He was working in St. Louis when he acquired what we believe to be 2 pills, possibly Percocet. He took one for back pain and had no issues.
On a Saturday evening he was set for bed and took the second pill. His heart stopped instantly and he died alone. There was no one there to give him Narcan or call for help. He was found 18 hours later after his mom asked his friend to do a welfare check, as she was out of the country.
Bryce died of fentanyl poisoning with 56ng of fentanyl in his system. There was no real investigation as there was no physical evidence linking Bryce to a dealer. There is a potential connection through a text but nothing to firmly make a connection.