Brianna Sisneros

Age: 29 | State: | County: Pennington | Case Status: No Investigation

My daughter passed away on 12/19/2022. She had a history of substance abuse and she struggled hard. She lost her kids to state custody, she had 2 overdoses and had 2 stays in jail resulting in 4 felonies. When I picked her up from jail the second time she told me she was ready to turn her life around. She went straight to outpatient treatment and got signed up. She didn’t do inpatient treatment as it wasn’t an option if she wanted to still have her visits with her kids. After she did that she went and signed up for medication to help her. She was going through the diversion program in order to not go to prison for her felonies. She got a job she moved into her own place, furnished it etc. She bought her first car and was very proud of herself. She also bought her first cell phone plan that wasn’t prepaid. She was making steps to get her kids back. Something happened the night of Dec 18th and I will never know if she injected herself or if someone else did. I just know that she didn’t set out to die. She had a future again and she was getting her kids back. She left behind 5 young kids. She also left behind a 11 yr old autistic brother. She was an amazing daughter, mom, granddaughter, and sister. She is greatly missed