Brian Wilkins

Age: 18 | State: | County: Lee | Case Status: Closed

Brian was a fun loving, caring. Humorous, and compassionate human being. He had a personality that would light up a room. Brian found a dealer on Snapchat offering Percocet. Brian’s wisdom teeth were coming in and he decided to drive to that residence to purchase what he thought was a Percocet which turned out to be Fentanyl. Brian overdosed on the floor while being filmed and then the video was posted on Snapchat. They filmed him rather than call for help. These kids continue to sell their drugs online and have no regard for a human life. Brian’s case was investigated and closed with no arrests. These are known offenders that were on house arrest and probation. I had to fight to get the State Attorney to review his case. Still they closed it. We are in the process of a wrongful death suit at this time. My son deserved so much more.

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