Benjamin (Ben) Dynek

Age: 30 | State: | County: Cook | Case Status: No Investigation

I dont know where to even start with this.
Benjamin Joseph Dynek, My Ben.
Born on a late Sunday night, early very early Monday morning on 3/13/89. My third child, the middle boy.
Ben was always a happy child/person with a heart of gold and an infectious. One of his brothers recently told me that Ben got the girls way out of his field because of that smile and that he had carisima.
Ben battled addiction at least 1/2 of his short life of 30 years. Tried many many times to beat that demon. Spent time in prison a few times. We all thought and I honestly think that he did too -beat it and win the battle. Left prison and was put into an adult treatment center to finish off his sentence. Released on Monday, 1/27/30. Had a great job, a decent apartment rented to him from a family member. Was told by the legal system to stay out there until probation made their first home visit. That was Wednesday 1/29/20 when they came. Honestly I feel if he were able to run straight into life and not sit he might have been okay. But that sitting and waiting for to him. He searched out drugs, fell to that demon. No one heard from him for a day (between us all we checked in on him by phone  daily). Friday 1/31/20 myself and my husband went to check on him. I had the gut wrenching feeling of what knew we’d walk into. My husband went into the apartment alone, not letting me. He found my beautiful Ben passed on. The day that changed my life, our families life forever. CPD did their thing, less than more in my opinion, took a statement from me  and handed me Bens wallet & phone. We took that quickly. Coroner came and My Ben was gone, in every sense of that word and feeling. Not ever looking into why or how he passed on. Now my Ben is next to grandfather for eternity. Oh how I miss him, we miss him.
My Benner forever30 💚

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