Ava Howland

Age: 24 | State: | County: Palm Beach | Case Status: No Investigation

Ava Howland was born my only child 5/21/93. She had an amazing sense of humor. Ava was so free-spirited growing up. She loved being a competition cheerleader & going to college. Ava was a loyal friend. My Ava was a victim in what is referred to as the “Florida Shuffle”, where she undured terrible things as a young, vulnerable adult. Ava died May 11, 2018 in a “sober home” in Florida at the age of 24. She was poisoned to death by Illicit Fentanyl. Her case was closed as soon as the toxicology report was received, no proper investigation. She will always be Mommy’s “Super Trooper,” I am so proud of her! She never stop fighting for her life under impossible circumstances! She was victim of many criminals who have since gone to prison for their crimes. Ava will always have a voice, mine! Mommy Loves You!❤

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