Austin Willfred

Age: 23 | State: | County: St Louis | Case Status: Pending

My son was 23 years old, with a long life ahead of him, we thought. He had recently moved out with a friend of his and we didn’t know that within a month and a half my son would be gone… Forever. His roommate and her boyfriend had been struggling with drugs and selling it.

My son trusted these people. They had gone out that night, and when they left to go back home they decided they had to make a stop but my son wanted to be dropped off at home. His roommates said they were gone for about 10-15 minutes, and when they came back they found my son slumped on the bed. They gave him 4 doses of Narcan and then called 911.

The roommates stories don’t add up about how long they were gone, before coming back and finding my son. The roommates weren’t charged because of food Samaritan law. My son was poisoned with Fentanyl, and the roommates won’t tell us the truth. Long story short, it’s really bad when you can’t trust your friends. My son would still be here if it wasn’t for them and their use of this horrible drug.