Austin Wade Branch

Age: 26 | State: | County: Monterey | Case Status: Unknown

Austin had a beautiful and kind soul. His family meant the world to him. His Daughter Cayleigh and son Zayden. They will never seeĀ  their father again. My heart is broken and so is the rest of our family. This poison is tearing apart families and causing emotional trauma to these young children. Austin would have never left us all. He was full of life before this poison started taking over leaving him so sick that he couldn’t stop or even know how to… Something has to change .

People need to wake up and fight for younger generations or there will be nothing left but brokenness.

I speak for my nephew and know this… you can stop you just have to ask for help. Please talk to someone and don’t take the chance. Life is to precious…your family loves and needs you to stay awhile longer..

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