Austin Ibarra

Age: 26 | State: | County: Travis | Case Status: Closed

Austin Ibarra 1/7/94- 12/20/20

Austin was found in his apartment where he lived with his roommate. His roommate “”found” him on the date that was recorded however he had been deceased for several days.  His neighbors reported that they had called the police the Friday prior stating that there was alot of yelling and doors slamming and pounding footsteps, it sounded like someone was fighting according to her. The neighbor stated that the police showed up never spoke with her but knocked on my sons door and noone answered and they left. She then saw the room mate and someone else leave the apartment about 30 min later. The roommate, so called friend of 3 yrs was and is currently a heroin addict, who has been in and out of rehab and has been hospitalized prior to and since my sons death for overdosing. The roommate called the police to report my sons death on Monday 12/20, he stated that he found my son, when questioned he stated he only new my sons first name and didnt know much about him. He stated that he was unsure of where his family was, and didnt know if anyone wsnin the Austin, Texas area. My mother lived directly behind the apartments and have given my son and his roommate rides to by groceries, appts, gathering, and to and from work, how else would I know that the roommate worked a Manuels on Congress as a waiter. He also stated that he had no knowledge of any drugs in the apartment as neither had ever used drugs to his knowledge. There was investigation or reason to believe that he was giving false information according to police since the roommate was with his father who verified the information provided although he also knew my mother. The roommate asked about removing his belongings from the apartment and was advised that he was not on the lease and therefore could not be given permission to remove anything from the apartment. He was also advised that he couldnt enter the apart sice he wasnt on the lease. He returned later that day and removed everything from the apartment except the couch where my son was found. He removed my sons personal belongings from his wallet and cell phone that were left by police to his clothing and furniture. The toxicology report shows nothing but fentanyl in my sons system no alcohol, drugs not even nicotine, my son was a smoker who was trying to quit. I spoke with the investigator on 12/24/2020 who provided this information and said he realized it was difficult to except but I needed to understand that all parent arent always aware of their childs drug addiction, however nothing was in his system. He said that he would contact me after the medicl examination was complete and he received the final report. To date Ive not heard from the police dept since, and never receive a return call from messages being left. The death certificate states accidental fentanyl overdose. My son wasnt perfect, far from it,but he definitely didnt deserve this. Didnt deserve to die, to be profiled, to be dismissed and his case be ignored. Austin was my son, he was a brother, a friend, a grandson, and an uncle. He deserves justice. He deserves to not have the final memory be that he willingly did this to himself. This was poisoning, this was murder! My son and the family he left behind deserve answers.