Anthony Tillison

Age: 32 | State: | County: Boone | Case Status: Closed

This is an email I sent to Boone county prosecutor…

Hi, my name is Tracy Green and I’m writing in regards to the death investigation of my son Anthony Tillison..I strongly feel that WMPD : Detective Tibbs, Captain Jurkash, CSI Greene, as well as Coroner Justin Sparks failed my son and our entire family miserably in every step of this investigation..There are so many different things that I need to say but there is way to much for one email so I will try to give a brief description the best that I can..My story begins on April 18th 2022 when my son was found unresponsive by the young daughters of his girlfriend Shawntel Thompson when they came home from school .Shawntel called me and said her girls just video called her and told her they couldn’t get my son to wake up ..she stated he was on the hallway floor on his side with the sweeper cord around his hand and blood coming from his nose which was never documented in the report..a few weeks later I suggested her girls maybe needing some kind of counseling due to seeing Tyler the way that they did . Shawntel proceeds to tell me they would be fine because they didnt see his face question is if they called on a video call how could she have seen his face if they couldn’t yet they were holding the phone!! Things just continue to escalate from there..I received the “conclusion to the case recently and was in total disbelief at what I was seeing as I’m sure you will be also..I’ve done a lot of research in every aspect of this case…I know that Boone County as well as yourself talk highly about getting drugs off the street especially in regards to the fentanyl son’s death was listed as an accidental overdose from fentanyl toxicity something I thought would have been investigated thoroughly..but it doesn’t stop there..he also had a very high dosage of xylazine in his system which should have also been listed as a contributing factor on his death certificate..from the info I’ve gathered it seems as if nobody involved knew anything about this drug ..when I discussed it with Mr Sparks he was clueless apparently because when I asked about it he said he would speak to the pathologist to see what the “safe recommended dosage” would be as to what the level was in my son’s tox report , the thing is there isn’t one because it’s a horse tranquilizer and for veterinarian use only!! He hasn’t responded to anything I’ve asked since that day ! The MARION COUNTY coroner did speak with me and said Tyler would of had only seconds before he died with that combination of drugs ..I submitted a video of Tyler’s roommate admitting to his girlfriend that he had sold Tyler drugs not even 2 days before he died and that it could have possibly been what killed him…along with a $150 transaction on his phone and text to back it up..but from my understanding this person was never even questioned which is really upsetting to me..There was supposedly no evidence found at the scene but the case report doesn’t show anyone ever searching for anything..they found no paraphernalia or signs of drugs but if he ingested these on his own there wouldn’t have been time for him to clean anything up before he died so there was no less than someone present in his home with him that day. His girlfriend even said Tyler told her someone was there and that the house was in complete disarray..the only physical evidence that was found they got from the autopsy the next day and that was a bindle of purple powder wrapped in what look to be the paper from inside a cigarette box son did not smoke cigarettes and his cellphone which would have been extremely crucial to his case but CSI Greene released it to his girlfriend just a few hours after logging it in as evidence..she wasn’t his wife ,next of kin,or family related in any kind of way and should never have gotten possession of his the time it was brought to me that evening everything relevant to what happened that day has been deleted..I asked that the contents in the bindle be tested and have been told that the results still aren’t back yet but the case has been closed so I’m not sure how that is possible..4 Google accts..iCloud..Facebook..messenger..text..calls.. location apps..heath history all gone..When Tibbs added his supplement it was embarrassing to me that he thought I would accept something so inaccurate..including the date 2020 instead of 2022..and the only way I even found out the case was closed was because after over a month of no response from Tibbs I emailed the chief..which brought me to Captain Jurkash..I expressed all my concerns ..validated what I knew to be wrong in the report..I asked for an amended report only for him to act like I was a child trying to make things up that weren’t true and said he wasn’t changing it to the way I wanted it worded..this was after I sent him proof of everything I had told him..there is still so much more but you at least have an idea of how this investigation has been done and I hope you see my concerns..I sent in other things that verified drug activity and sales by one of only 2 people that were questioned over the phone and it was just ignored..what kind of drug task force just blows off things like this..there’s a few different ways this case could have went as far as who may be responsible for certain things but they were never checked into or verified ..I’m pleading for you to plz let me know if there is anyway this can be readdressed or those who were in the wrong be held accountable for there part in totally humiliating my son ..myself..and my family with their lack of integrity an/or failure to properly investigate a fatal overdose ..due process was not honored in any way because what has happened is more than unfair..among so many other wrong doings or not doing at all..thank you for your phone number is 317-395-9664 just in case you need to speak with me


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