Andrew Snider

Age: 26 | State: | County: Collin | Case Status: Open

Our son Andrew Snider was a beautiful and amazing son! Andrew was a friend to everyone he ever met. He had a sensitivity about him that surpassed most. Andrew gave 100% of himself in every relationship he ever had. Andrew was a good student and played middle school and high school sports, football, wrestling and track. Andrew had dreams of playing college football until injuries and knee surgery ruined his chances. Doctors advised against doing any of the sports he loved. Andrew spent the next 8 years fighting depression and anxiety that led to his battle with addiction. Andrew lost his brother Noah to heroin exactly 4 years prior to his own death. Andrew never recovered from losing his brother. He was hurting more than any of us ever knew! Andrew lost his battle 1/21/22 to Fentanyl poisoning!  His death is still under investigation.

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