Anastasia Shevtsova

Age: 15 | State: | County: Dakota | Case Status: Conviction

Anastasia was born and grew up in West Saint Paul, MN. The second youngest of four children, she was loved by her family and friends. Anastasia was talented in many ways—she drew and painted, played piano and flute, sang, and was very good at writing and debate. She loved animals and had deep empathy for people, especially for those who were experiencing hardships. She was also honest—a truth teller. She had a dream to become a pilot and to own a hobby farm with her sister.
During the pandemic she started struggling with depression. The treatment she received was not as effective as we hoped, some of it made her feel worse, and much of it left her—and us—disappointed and disillusioned. Still, we kept searching and she kept fighting her battle. During the spring of 2022, she felt better. She started a job at Crumble Cookies and was ready to resume in-person high school. On April 19, 2022, in what we believe was an attempt to relieve her emotional pain and insomnia, she reached out to a drug dealer on Snapchat and purchased what she believed was Percocet. The drug dealer, Parker J Benson, proceeded to deliver the pills to West St Paul, and sold them to Anastasia. He knew that the pills were fake and laced with fentanyl. We found Anastasia unresponsive in her room later that night. She was taken to the hospital and was pronounced dead on April 20, 2022. Parker Benson pled guilty and was convicted of third degree murder on April 18, 2024, almost exactly two years after Anastasia’s death.