Alyson Cathcart

Age: 37 | State: | County: Providence | Case Status: Unknown

Alyson was found dead in an apartment with someone else who neglected to call 911 until 24 plus hours later.

She was poisoned with fentanyl, unknown to her.

She thought it was cocaine.

Police said it was an accidental overdose and that’s that.

I was told by the Detective..this stuff happens every day.

The person who was with her says he does not know what happened or who gave it to her.

It’s a total lie.

RI police have not been helpful or supportive.

It’s a nightmare.

My daughter did not deserve to be dead 24 plus hours with no one to help her.

She had be clean for a few years and was always there to help the sick and suffering.

She would never not help someone in need.