Alexia Scott

Age: 17 | State: | County: Adair | Case Status: Conviction

Alexia was given Fentanyl by a man twice her age, he is 33, serving 10 years for taking her life!

He lives she doesn’t,  he admittedly stated that he gave her the Poison That Took Her Life,  he was offered a plea deal, and he decided to take it, I feel he shouldn’t have been offered anything, but I feel that the Prosecution and the Defendants Attorney didn’t want to drag it out in the court system and I feel didn’t want the story known to the City of Kirksville, you know get it swept under the rug as fast as possible, no bad marks against the City this way, Alexia’s Mother and I had to fight to get the Defendant Arrested and that took 3 months, Ally was 17 a Minor given a poison that took her life, just so many things wrong with the way the case was handled, things that the Judicial System, Police, City Officials didn’t want known !

Alexia moved to Kirksville to live with me, Her Mother and I thought it could be a fresh start for her, Ally was struggling with where she was, and we thought moving her here would help her, and it did until she became involved with the Adults that were giving her poison, Ally was doing so well, she even received her diploma early from school, she was in a special class for high risk students she had Bipolar Disorder but she did it, but in the end it didn’t matter, she didn’t get to walk across the stage to receive her diploma, her hard work was taken from her by an Adult who poisoned her and took her life.

Ally even applied to the military I have  had  2 Recruiters contact me, only for me to break down and tell them she had passed 😔

Alexia’s future was taken away from her by a 33 year old, so how is it fair for him to receive 10 years for taking a kids life?

Alexia was a sweet giving loving child, who loved cats, I have the 2 that were left with me, she always tried helping anyone in need, she just never put herself before them, you know ” Those Friends”, the friends that weren’t there for her, and yes I talked to her until I was blue in the face, she said, Grandma people can change, well, we see where that got her 💔

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