Adrian De Jesus

Age: 19 | State: | County: Los Angeles | Case Status: Closed

Adrian De Jesus Story:

My son Adrian De Jesus was only 19 years old when he was murdered and poisoned by fentanyl which shattered our lives forever. He was very special, extraordinary, kind and talented; he believed in God and had the most beautiful energy and smile. He had a beautiful life; he was so loved by his family and friends. He was the baby of the family who adored him! His passion in life was music, he had big goals and dreams that he didn’t get to fulfill because his life was cut too short. He loved to write music, he was a poet, and his dream was to send a message to the world through music. He wanted to be the ONE who would make a difference in our family so we could be financially secure.

Adrian suffered from ADHD, anxiety, insomnia and depression. The medication the doctor’s prescribed him made him feel stiff like a robot, he didn’t like that feeling and had stopped taking the medication. He struggled with this illness, and I believe he had started to self-medicate, which I was unaware of.

On the evening of February 10, 2020, as I later read messages on his phone, after his death, Adrian wanted to write music and told a friend on a text message, he was going to buy a Percocet pill to be able to focus and write music. That night Adrian reached out to a dealer he found on Snapchat and purchased what he believed to be Percocet, a prescription painkiller. Instead, the drug dealer risked his life by delivering a counterfeit Percocet pill containing a lethal amount of illicit fentanyl.  Adrian ingested the pill and later went to sleep.  The morning of February 11, 2020, Adrian NEVER woke up! after numerous attempts to resuscitate him by family and paramedics, he was gone… The coroners came to pick him up and my family and I were beyond devastated, crying and screaming uncontrollably, heartbroken and in disbelief!  We had no idea what had happened to Adrian, ,,why such a sudden death? He was always very cautious about everything.  At first, I thought he might’ve had a heart attack or an aneurism, but when I received the toxicology report it showed NO Percocet in his system, there was only pure illicit fentanyl in that M30 fake pill! which killed him instantly. Adrian didn’t have a chance…, he was poisoned, he was deceived to death!

I always dreamed of seeing my son graduate from High School, I never imagined I’d be walking for him to receive his diploma. I wasn’t supposed to bury my child, he was supposed to bury me!  My heart is shattered into a million pieces and this tragedy has forever broken our family apart. Our lives will NEVER be the same without Adrian! I will never see my son walking through my front door, calling me “Mom”. I will never see him get married to his beautiful girlfriend and have children,,,, he was robbed of his beautiful future!

I can’t bring my child back, but I hope I can help save other families from going through this horrific fate, unimaginable pain and brokenness. We need a nationwide, worldwide awareness campaign to save our kids. My son made a mistake of buying this pill, but he didn’t deserve to die from it.

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