Aden Joseph Anderson

Age: 16 | State: | County: Los Angeles | Case Status: Open

My beautifully broken boy, forever my angel.  We fought the good fight every day trying to understand and treat his mental health.  Most times feeling defeated my son began resorting to self medicating using marijuana and drinking to feel comfortable in his own skin, to feel apart of.  He wanted so desperately to find where the kid went he was before.  The one thing we never did was give up, and finally the time came, after his bi-polar disorder diagnosis, aden was optimistic for his future.  Friday 13th,2023 would be the last time my son would check in with me or talk to his sisters.  My son made the mistake of believing he was safe and with people he trusted.  Aden arrived that evening already gone, barely hanging on, ALONE and worse listed as a JOHN DOE.  I spent the next 5 days by his bedside, i walked him to the operating room doors kissed his sweet head and smelled his hair one last time.  Those days will forever feel like the last days i truly lived.  Aden and i day dreamed often of the day we could look back on everything we overcame and together just smile knowing we had.  Forever 16 and forever the light of my life, my son.  I love you  MAMA

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