Aaron Joyner

Age: 27 | State: | County: Chesterfield | Case Status: Conviction

September 4, 2020 was like any other day, or so we thought, until my parents were awakened by a phone call from his girlfriend around 7 am telling them Aaron was dead. How could it be? He was just at their home the night before! They were able to find the dealer via a witness and text messages. Toxicology showed Fentanyl poisoning.  He took a Xanax laced with 10x the lethal amount of Fentanyl. Thankfully, she was arrested and has been in prison  for various charges including involuntary manslaughter of my brother.

Death of a sibling is a “hard pill to swallow.” Especially when it came in a form of a pill. Aaron had been dealing with a problem since he had a head trauma accident in 2012. He had to have reconstructive surgery to his face/jaws. He stayed in the hospital for a month and went back and forth for months for various treatments. Of course, during that time, he was PRESCRIBED pain pills. A few months or so go by, the doctors say he doesn’t need them anymore, cuts the prescription off. He then began his journey to find something else to help with the pain. He never did any drugs/recreational use before this accident in 2012. The addiction to pain killers started from the doctor and then once he  was cut off cold turkey, that began the start to his addiction.

Even during his darkest times, I still loved him and tried to encourage him best I could. I miss him terribly. I hope this message helps someone with the loss of a loved one, or someone trying to seek justice for a loved one. Don’t give up, keep pushing for answers!